BLAQ Body Scrub
BLAQ Body Scrub

BLAQ Body Scrub

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Let’s be real: No one wants to snuggle up to rough, dry skin, but lucky for you smooth and supple skin is only a scrub away. Made with activated charcoal, and a few of our fave natural ingredients, this scrub exfoliates, nourishes and re-balances the skin – all you’ve got to do is strip down and get your scrub on.

Key ingredient: 

Australian sea salt that refines and evens out skin tone.

How to apply:

  • Jump in the bath or shower.
  • Grab a handful of our scrub and massage onto the skin using circular motions.
  • Once you’ve given yourself a good scrub, jump back under the water to rinse off.
  • Dry off, and moisturise your skin, ensuring you don’t get lost in your new found smoothness.

 ** No Animal Testing **